Welding Products



Welding Materials

Welding products are one of our major item. We have various sales reference in this field during several years.Especially We are specialized in stainless , Duplex, low alloys, Inconel, Hastelloy, aluminium, Hardfacing products. We know the characteristics and strong points of each manufacturer and can recommend and supply the products with reasonalbe prices.

We could supply not only Major Korean brand but also global major welding consumables as per customer's need. Moreover, We could supply unknown welding Brand but it has very stable quality with competitive price. and We can also sourcing welding material from foreign manufacturer like India , China.

 Major Products

  • Low Alloy Filler & Electrode
  • Stainless filler & Electrode
  • Nickel -Copper Alloy Filler & Electrode
  • Inconnel Filler & Electrode
  • Hardfacing Electrode
  • Cutting / Gauging Electrodes

Welding Machines

We can supply welding machines from Basic Portable type to special job .
We are specialized in EGW , AGW Welding machines and welding machine for pipe welding.

EGW , AGW Welding Machines

We supply qualified and used welding machine products for above ground tank terminal job  in Korea, Middle East and Asia.

" 40% saving of welding time and 20 times faster than conventional manual welding " 


Auto Matic Girth Welding(AGW) is a submerged arc welding machine designed for welding the holizontal joints for water , oil & gas storage tanks.  Available in both single and dual sided machines, butt joint can be welded either on the inside or out side of the tank. 

Each set of cradle is equipped with welding torch , flux dispenser,flux supporting belt , controls, welding machines,and wire feeding machies. 
The submerged arc welding wire torch is fully adjustable and flux supporting belt prevents from flux drop. The flux is collected by recycling unit and returned to flux hopper.


Single pass V-up welder can complte vertical seams on a field erected storage tank up to 75mm thick plate in one pass. The frame consists of a vertical columm mounted on a manual or optional powered carriage and roller assembly that rides on the top edge of the tank shell.

Lift controls include up/down switch , high/low spped poten-tionmeters and rapid speed selector that control a variable speed motor that is electronically intergrated with the welding control, which auto matically adjusts speed to maintain the optimum nozzle to weld puddle relationship.